King Aurum

Dear Kids and Adults young at heart,

You are holding an unusual and special book in your hand. It is a story book with tales of homeopathy. It brings to life a magical imaginary kingdom with characters each representing the unique traits of various homeopathic remedies.

Here we meet Arnica, the haphazard princess, the anxious Lady Gelsemium, the royal couple, King Aurum and Queen Pulsatilla and many other members of the Royal Palace.

We learn of the ailments of Princess Palladium and about the strange habits of Lord Arsenicum, the Lord Steward of the Palace.
One by one the characters reveal, through their symptoms and behaviour, the main homeopathic patient types. And by their names they guide us to what homeopathic remedy best treats them.

The author, Katalin Kürti MD, pediatrician-homeopath, masterfully translates complicated concepts into easy-to-understand storylines, thereby combining entertainment with education.

The book offers an enjoyable and informative read to both young and young-at-heart alike.

Kriszta Tasnádi, MD


Illustrated by: Gabriella Nagy
2018 © Dr. Kürti Katalin